Everyday is a challenge,
but you can make it,
you will make it,
And you’re not alone…

DudesLikeUs Trust is a not-for-profit organisation aimed to help dudes out there break down the stereotypes and stigmas that men and young men face everyday preventing them from living a life free of judgement…

DudesLikeUs Trust provides Dudes of Aotearoa from the ages of 13+ with confidential free advocacy services, referral pathways and private forums allowing Dudes to break down barriers that create stigmas and stereotypes.

In 2019, New Zealands suicide rate was the highest in the OECD. Further, the largest statistics showed Maori and Pacifika men, young and older, held the highest rates ever making this situation an almost epidemic.

The Purpose of Dudes Like Us Trust is to provide a free and confidential service that strives to campaign, create awareness and support Dudes out there, men and young people from the ages of 13+, from feeling isolated, stereotyped and defeated when it comes to expressing themselves – free from judgement.

Dudes Like Us Trust utilises a team of volunteers who have the experience and the ‘been there done that’ perspective. They’ve been through situations in life where suicide, depression, anxiety and loss of hope were all options they’ve experienced and explored – but got through it.

This team of ‘Admins’ aka ‘mentors’, are public profilers on our social media helping to normalise moments of weakness, strength, relationships and feelings. By hoping to inspire Dudes out there, our admins focus not on the problem, but the solution.

“creating resilience in our dudes of tomorrow…”

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What do others say?

“an essential and overdue service which allows anyone the space, freedom and privacy to ask not only for help but to be heard…”


“i think it’s a great thing because there’s a lot of dudes out there keeping their personal struggles and pain to themselves, including myself, and we all have a story to be told and people should hear it…”


“I’m so inspired by their work. It’s finally something that can actually help. Grassroots people working for grassroots people…”

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As an organisation, we have trustees and an operations team dedicated and committed to DudesLikeUs, its vision and mission…

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