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“Every small step
is a step in the
Right Direction…”

Our service is not to be the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.  Dudes Like Us is the signage that says ‘Stop! Be aware of the cliff’.

Many of us will have personal and professional experiences within mental health, social services or the alike, and that’s great!  However, because our service is not to provide counselling or psychotherapy, our role is to first try and uplift our communities through education and inspiration. 

Circumstances will create a ‘Need’ opportunity where someone is bound to reach out over our platforms after they’ve read the ‘signage’ and now asking for alternative directions or a new route to safety.

Through networks, contacts and general discussions of safety can help elleviate someone from just being there when we respond.

Further, we achieve this through direct and indirect approaches to help with privacy, meanwhile our admin team of Dudes publicly profile themselves to help eliminate stereotypes and inspire others out there.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us…

Advocacy & Liaison Services

One thing we’re really good at is creating links and connections where additional support is needed.

No matter where you are, we will try our best to link you to a service on your behalf to take away some of that stress – all free of course!

Appearances & Engagements

DudesLikeUs Trust ambassadors, admins and mentors can always attend appearances or engagements where you need us to.

Youth/Youngin’s Celebrations

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Mens Support Groups

Mens groups are groups where men have the ability to come together and express openly and safely matters in life affecting them.

By creating opportunities of men coming together, peer systems are encouraged to help ease the load to make things a little more bearable.

With a safe environment of mixing and communicating among like minded people, you have the first step of facing issues that are usually quite hard.

Facebook Page & Groups

We have admins and mentors who are in located throughout New Zealand who monitor the our public and private facebook groups.

Our public page Dudes Like Us is general discussion topics and social media content to inspire different perspectives.

Our private page Dudes Like Us Closed Group is a forum for people be open among other Dudes and contribute to discussion topics of real life situations.

All our social media platforms and pages are heavily monitored, managed and administered to track and watch peoples safety. At any time you reach out via chat, direct messages, email, phone call or text, one of our team will be there on the other end to guide you.

Creating resilience with our dudes of tomorrow

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